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What do you want to be?

The procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment.
- Good afternoon, my dear pupils. I’m glad to see you!
- Good afternoon, teacher!
- Sit down, please. How are you today?
- We are fine, thanks.
- Ok, very well. What day is it today?
- Today is Saturday.
- And what date is it today?
- Today is December, 14th
- Thanks a lot, my dears. Now pupil on duty please give your report. Who is absent today?

II. Warm - up.
- Now, let`s start our lesson. It`s time to have a rest.
Stand up please and get ready to do the exercises and sing together.
- Ok, It was very good. You sang the song and did the exercises very well. Sit down please.

III. Checking the homework.
- And who can tell me what was your home task for today?
- Our home task is to make the posters about professions of our parents and to learn by heart new words.
- Ok, thank you. Sit down.
- Now, pupils I want to check how well you did your home task and learnt the new words. Who is ready?
- Great, your posters was perfect, my dears. You did your home task very well.
- Now let`s repeat the new words of the last and today`s lesson. Please, look at the screen and repeat after me, all together.
- Then, I would like you to solve the crossword, let`s guess the crossword. Then you will know the theme of the lesson.
IV. Introduction of the new theme.
- Today`s our lesson is called “What do you want to be?”
- Today we are going to talk about you and future profession. Our work will be very interesting and useful. Today we`ll sing a song, read interesting dialogues and play games. And I want to start our lesson with the words of John Galsworthy: “If you don`t think about your future you can`t have one”.
Are you ready for the lesson? Let`s start.
- At first I`ll divide you into 2 groups. And each group must choose their names and captains. You may give the name of professions.
- Ok, pupils, look at the screen. Today we have a new grammar rule. Presentation of the question “What do you want to be?” And we have a dialogue. Look at the screen and listen to it very attentively, because you`ll discuss it then.
- Ok, we have listen to the dialogue and let`s read and translate it.
Doing the exercises:
Answer the questions. Electronic book. Let`s speak 1.
Make the words. Electronic book. Let`s write 1.
Make the sentences. Electronic book. Let`s write 2.
- Ok, pupils. Thank you. You do all exercises very well. Now let`s do some exercises from the book. Open your books at p. 86 look at the ex: 8. Find out who want`s to be an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor, a secretary, a taxi - driver and write.
- Well done. Ok, pupils and how well do you know what your classmates want to be?
Let`s play the game “My future job”. Can you guess what other pupils want to be? All of you stand up and I`ll give you a card with picture of any profession. It`s your future profession. Then ask the question “Do you want to be a...?” If he guesses it right, you should say, “Yes, I do” but if he doesn`t you should say: “No, I don`t”. Do you remember? So, let`s begin.
- Ok, we finish it. I`m very pleased with the game. Sit down, please.
Game “Stop the bus”.
- I`ll give you two papers to each groups. You must write the name of professions that you know. Who finishes first, they must say “Stop the bus”.

V. Conclusion.
- ok, thank you very much. Pupils look at the screen. Do you know?
- Now it`s time to sum up everything we have done during the lesson. What have we done today?
- Thank you very mush. Pupils look at the blackboard. There are smiles of any characters. If you like today`s lesson, you must give the mark putting the card to the smile of excellent, good and not bad.
Giving homework.
- thank you very much for your work. Please write down your home task ex: 14, at p. 87 write what you want to be and what your friends wants to be.
- And now I want to give you some marks for your work.
- Ok, pupil`s today`s our lesson is over. Good - bye my dears. dle
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