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Choosing an occupation





«Choosing an occupation.»


Орындаған: Ағылшын тілі пәнінің оқытушысы
Сапарова Ғалия Мұратқызы



Тақырыбы: Choosing an occupation.
а) балалардың сөздік қорын молайту. Балалардың сөйлеу дағдысын қалыптастыру.
б) грамматикалық ережелерді қайталау
с) баларға кәсіби бағдар беру.
д) пәнге деген қызығушылығын арттыру.
Procedure of the lesson
1.Org. Moment.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
What day is it today?
What season is it now?
2. Home task

3. Pronunciation
1) Iске уақыт, ермекке сағат.
Делу время, потехе час.
Business before pleasure.
2) Еңбек түбі – қуаныш.
Конец – делу венец.
The end crowns the work.
3) Бiлiм – қуат.
Знание – сила.
Knowledge is power.
4. Presentation.
- What will you do after graduating the college?
- What is your dream?
Text: Reading for understanding.
World of profession
I`d like to tell you about different professions and about one I have chosen.

I think that every profession is very interesting. But different people choose different jobs. For example, men often choose job of a carpenter(плотник), a police officer, an electrician, a fireman. Some of these jobs are very dangerous and require courage. An accountant, an airhostess стюардессой, a librarian, a nurse, a teacher are primarily done by women. These jobs require accuracy.(нақтылықты қажет етеді)
Many people when they choose profession think about the job`s prestige. I think that most prestigious jobs are a dentist, a surgeon, a translator, a lawyer, a police officer, a programmer, and a state agent. These jobs are often well paid. A librarian, a nurse, a cleaner are least prestigious and hardly paid.
Now I`d like to tell you about the job I have chosen. I want to be a gas supplier. I think that this job is very interesting and sometimes dangerous.
You have to work hard during your lessons. Remember, “Knowledge has a bitter root but a sweet fruit.” Your self-confidence will grow up gradually. Ваша уверенность в себе будет расти постепенно. Be determined and try hard. Будь определенной и старательной There is another good proverb, “Where there is a will there is a way.” Было бы желание, а возможность найдется
Answer to the questions
1. What professions do you know?
2. What are women professions?
3. What are men professions?
4. What is your future profession?
5. Do you like it?
Find the explanation

Guess the Occupation
1.Intelligent, loves children, makes lessons interesting, knows subject, speaks clearly, moral in private life, honest, flexible (a teacher)2.Authoritative, charismatic, clever, confident, has well-ordered private life, just, honest, knowledgeable (a director)
3. Disciplined, brave, well-trained, patriotic, shoots accurately, strong, healthy, even-tempered, thinks for his motherland and himself (a soldier)
4. beautiful, talented, well-dressed, plays wonderfully (an artist)
5. Tolerant, faithful, affectionate to husband / wife / children, hardworking, tidy, home-loving, good-looking (a housewife)
Task a. Give an action verb for each profession listed.
a detective---------------------------------a student
a carpenter--------------------------------an athlete
a secretary---------------------------------a butcher мясник
a teacher-----------------------------------a doctor
a disc jockey (DJ)-------------------------a sheriff
a ballerina----------------------------------a lawyer
a musician----------------------------------a telephone repairman
an author-----------------------------------an astronaut
an accountant-----------------------------a rancher
a congressmen----------------------------a photographer
a judge--------------------------------------a model
a watchman сторож -------------------------------an architect
a gardener---------------------------------an artist
E.g. A ballerina dances.
Possible answers: writes, guards, builds, investigates, files, types, instructs, adjusts, sentences, poses, climbs, shoots, lifts off, listens, herds, pleads, arrests, works out, carves, announces, cultivates, pirouettes, dances, tunes, plans, sketches, prescribes, legislates.

Gymnastics for eyes.
Are you tired? Let’s do gymnastics for eyes.
Your next task is “The best translator”. You must translate these words.
Мысық, house, сүт, egg, дәрігер, money, мұғалім, girl, машина, newspaper, алма, 1945, аға, water.
Now you next task is “Leader”. In this task was given quickness reaction and smart.
You must write an appropriate name of professions in a English language.
Ән, кітап, сөздік, дәрі, шаш, тіс, ұшақ…
The Psychological test
1. New Year’s night is the best time:
a) to sleep;
b) to watch TV with your family or friends;
c) to be with your friends.
2. One of 3 gifts which you would like to get:
a) a fishing – rod or a set for your needlework;
b) skates or skies;
c) a tourist pass or a ticket on an interesting performance;
3. To travel is the best with:
a) no any friends or your family (alone);
b) your family or friends;
c) unknown group of people in order to find new friends.
4. If you were in a desert Island or a wild forest you:
a) would fill free;
b) would find the way out of this situation or do smith;
c) would fill melancholic and fearful. меланхолик и страшным.
5. In your spare time, you like;
a) reading, visiting a library, a zoo, a forest, dreaming, fishing and etc.
b) drawing, reading, going for sports or music, sewing or knitting, watching TV, talking with friends on telephone and etc;
c) going in for sports, dancing, playing in the ensemble, singing in the chorus, taking part in the performance and etc.
Answers: a – 1 point; b – 2 points; c – 3 points.
5 – 8 points - You should choose a profession which isn’t connected with communicating with people. Because you like only the calmness and dislike noisy unknown groups or people. You are reserved and shy and meetings with unfamiliar people aren’t for you. Your professions are: a programmer, a locksmith, a turner, a book – keeper, a veterinary, surgeon and etc.
8 - 12 points – You are lucky! You can feel yourself very well in any situation. In other words you are not afraid to be alone or communicate with different people. That’s why you may choose any job what you want.
12 - 15 points – There is a little doubt that you should communicate with people. You are a very talented smart person and opened for everything new in our world. You should be: a commercial director, a manager, a seller, a teacher, a doctor, an actor, a singer, a trainer and etc.
Dialogue between Aidana and Asem about their future professions.
Dialogue between Maral, Gauhar and Amanbek.
Teacher: Now, it’s time to do our lexical exercises. Please, take your papers.
Look at the screen.
Professions can be: prestigious, not prestigious, up-to-date, out-of-date, well-paid, low-paid, rare and widespread.
There are different types of jobs. (Full-time, part-time, regular, odd-случайная jobs)
5. Жаңа сабақты қорытындылау. 5 мин
6. Сабақтың қорытындысын шығарып, қысқаша түсінік бере отырып бағалау. мин.
7.Үйге тапсырма беру. 5 мин. Topic ‘My future profession’



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