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Kazakh khans and bies

Theme of the lesson:    Kazakh khans and bies

The aim of the lesson:  1. To develop pupils’ skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking speech 2. To give more information about Kazakh khans and bies

3. To develop student’s knowledge in the subject of English

Type of the lesson:       a mixed lesson

The kind of the lesson: a demonstrative lesson

Visual aids:                    Pictures, books about Kazakh khans and bies, interactive board

Procedure of the lesson:

Anthem of Kazakhstan


All are best, all are fine

Our sun always shines

And my land nice and green

And today we are free

Our capital’s new

Astana best of views

And I have only one

Native land Kazakhstan


My Kazakhstan, dear Kazakhstan

Lovely my land country number one

Be always strong, powerful and shining

Our dear country Native Kazakhstan

I. Organization moment

- Good morning! Glad to see you! Sit down, please!

- Let’s begin our lesson!

II. Asking home task

  1.    The new theme

The new theme of our lesson today is “Kazakh khans and bies”

  1.     Listening.

Active words and word combinations

To found- негізін құру                           to institute- іргесін қалау

Southeastern- оңтүстік-шығыс              code of law- Жеті жарғы

To struggle-шайқасу                              to expand-кеңейту

Against- қарсы                                       retreat-кейін шегіну

To control- басқару                               to keep-сақтау

  1.     Reading. Read the text, translate and answer the questions

   The Kazakh Khanate was founded in 1456-1465 by Zhanibek and Kerei khan in the southeastern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The early years of the Kazakh Khanate were marked with struggles for the control of the steppe against the Uzbek leader Muhammad Shaybani. Buryndyq Khan controlled Kazakh Khanate in 1480-1511. He was Kerei’s son.

   Kasim Khan ruled in 1511-1518.  He instituted the first Kazakh code of laws in 1520.

   In 1586-1598 Tauekel Khan expanded the control of the Kazakh khanate over Tashkent, Fergana. He died during the retreat back to Tashkent. Abilay Khan was a khan of the Middle Zhuz, who controlled over the other two Zhuzes. He struggled against the Zhungars. He was talented organizer. He did his best to keep independent from Russian Empire and the Chinese.

3.Answer the questions

  1.     Who founded the Kazakh Khanate?
  2.     Who controlled the Kazakh Khanate in 1480?
  3.     Who died during the struggle in 1598?
  4.     Whose son was Buryndyq Khan?
  5.     Who struggled against Zhungars?
  6.    Speaking. Find the names of these khans



1. a)    Үш сөз құраңыз

           Khan, famous, Kazakhstan

b)            Осы үш сөзден тұратын әртүрлі сөйлем құраңыз

There are many famous khans in Kazakhstan

          Famous khans struggled for the independence of Kazakhstan

          Kazakhstan is famous for its khans  

c)             Осы үш сөйлемді шақтарға айналдырыңыз

2. Find and put in each sentence

Read the sentences about bies and put the sentence into the correct boxes


He was born in 1663 in Zhambul region in the village Zaisan

He was a famous bi and judge

His true name was Aityk

He was a just, honest and tactful one

He governed the Middle Zhuz

Before Abilay Khan he governed The Junior Zhuz

He was a worthly son of his nation

He helped to publishthe first Kazakh law ‘Zhety Zhargy’

He was a batyr, a famous Kazakh bi, a judge and speaker

He ruled people at the age of 15

The people know him as a man with ‘goose voice’

He was born in 1666

He died in 1756 in Akburkhan at the age of 93

He died in 1764

He died in 1766


                 Tole bi

Kazibek bi

Aiteke bi









3.  Sayings

1) One says-a load country without peace                                 3) Motherland is my home

    Two says-an argued bad hero                                                     Grandfather is my good

                                                                                                        Kindness is my mother

2) Nearest relatives when you are friendly                                     Bravery is my Father

    Nearest your teacher when you are clever                                      

    Nearest your brother when you are sensitive                             4) When good boy bears

    Nearest your sister-in-law when you are well-brought up              It’s a flag of his country

                                                                                                           When bad boy bears

 5) I am proud of being Kazakh                                                          It’s a trouble of his country

     That I born and live in Kazakhstan                                                 

4.Find and write












Ruling years





Birth place





What did he do?





When did he die?






VI.To mark students according to their participation

  1.    Giving home task “Kazakh khans and bies”




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