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Carol’s kitchen

Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы, Бекарыстан би ауылы
№24 орта білім беретін мектебі
ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Әкімбай Әсима Жаңбырбайқызы


Form: 5

Theme: “Carol’s kitchen” (Unit 7 Step 2)

The aims of the lesson:

1. (Educational):  fix grammar construction “there is/there are”. 

2. (Developing): to practice talking about the house and flat

3. (Brining-up):  to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to 
create English atmosphere in the classroom 

Form of the lesson: Traditional lesson

Type of the lesson:Presentation

Methods of the lesson:explanation, demonstration, exercises

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian

T H E    P R O C E D U R E     O F    T H E    L E S S O N

I. INTRODUCTION / Greeting  

Good morning children!                                     

How are you?                                                    

Who is on duty today?                                       

Who is absent today?                                        

What date is it today?                                         

What day of the week is it today?                      



I like fish, I like eggs

I like cheese and meat,

I like cakes, I like chips,

In fact, I like to eat

IV. New lexical theme


Well children, open your book at page 120. Our theme of the lesson is “Carol’s kitchen”.Яғни бүгінгі біздің тақырыбымыз: «Каролдың ас бөлмесі». Open your copy-book and write down the date.

We have new words. Listen and repeat.

  1.      modern [ `mכֿdәn] -қазіргі уақыттағы
  2.      nice [` nais ] – жақсы
  3.      clean [ `kli:n ] –таза
  4.      fridge [ fridз ] –тоңазытқыш
  5.      cooker [ кикә] — газ плита
  6.      dishwasher [ `di ςw כֿ ςә] — ыдыс жуатын машина
  7.      cupboard  [ kɅp bәd] — сөре
  8.      plate  [ pleit ] – тәрелке
  9.      sink  [ siŋ k] — жуғыш
  10.                        washing machine [‘wכֿ ʃiη mә` ʃi:n] – кір жуатын  машина

-Repeat after me all together!


V. Grammar theme: There is/ There are

         Бұл грамматикалық құрылым бір нәрсенің бір жерде орналасқаны, тұрғаны, бар немесе жоқ екенін анықтау үшін қолданылады.

  1.      There is a big table in my room. Менің бөлмемде үлкен үстел бар.
  2.      There are four rooms in my house. Менің үйімде төрт бөлме бар.
  3.      There are interesting pictures on the wall. Қабырғада қызықты суреттер ілулі тұр.

         Сұрақтар инверсия принципі бойынша құрылады, бірақ қарсылықты мағына not демеулігін  қосу арқылы жасалады.

               Are there any people on the bus stop?

              There isn’t any milk in the fridge.



VI. Reading

Ex.6 p.121 read and point. “Carol’s kitchen”


It's a modern kitchen. It's nice and clean. There is a washing machine, a fridge and a cooker but there isn't a dishwasher.

         There are a lot of cupboards in the kitchen. There isn't a clock in the kitchen. There aren't plates and cups in the sink.



  1. Choose there is or are;

1)    ………………….. a carpet on the floor.

2)    ………………….. pictures on the wall. 

3)    ………………….. two flowers in my living room.

4)    ………………….. a bed in my bed.

5)    …………. ……… a  sink in the kitchen.

6)    ………………….. two beds in my bedroom.

7)    ………………….. a lamp in my room.


Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

  1.      What is on the wall?
  2.      Where is the clock?
  3.      What colour are the walls?
  4.      Where is the cooker?
  5.      How many chairs are there in the room?
  6.      Is there a microwave oven on the cupboard?
  7.      Are there pictures on the walls?
  8.      What is near the fridge?
  9.      What is on the table?
  10.                        Where is the cat?
  11.                        What is the cat doing?
  12.                        Do you like this kitchen?

Exercise 3. Complete the text giving the names of the objects


  1.      carpet
  2.      sofa
  3.      table
  4.      television
  5.      mirror
  6.      chair
  7.      stereo
  8.      the table
  9.      pictures
  10.                        vase
  11.                        table


VIII. Fixing these theme

Exercise 5.Find and count. Ask “How many” questions about the things in Mike’s kitchen.

  1.      How many washing machines are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one washing machine in Mike’s kitchen.
  2.      How many dishwashers are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one dishwasher in Mike’s kitchen.
  3.      How many fridges are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one fridge in Mike’s kitchen.
  4.      How many cookers are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one cooker in Mike’s kitchen.
  5.      How many tables are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one table in Mike’s kitchen.
  6.      How many chairs are there in Mark’s kitchen? There are two chairs in Mike’s kitchen.
  7.      How many cups are there in Mark’s kitchen? There are two cups in Mike’s kitchen.
  8.      How many bins are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one bin in Mike’s kitchen.
  9.      How many vacuum cleaners are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one vacuum cleaner in Mike’s kitchen.
  10.                        How many sinks are there in Mark’s kitchen? There is only one sink in Mike’s kitchen.


IX. Marking

X. Giving the home task

Exercise 12 Write a short composition on theme: “My room

XI. Conclusion

The lesson is over. You were so active. Good bye! Thank you participants!




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