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“A good place to spend your time”


Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы, Бекарыстан би ауылы
№24 орта білім беретін мектебі
ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Әкімбай Әсима Жаңбырбайқызы


Form: 6 “B”

The theme: “A good place to spend your time”

The aims:

  1.      Educational:To give some information about good and beautiful places, to enrich pupils’ vocabulary.
  2.      Bringing up: To bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other.  
  3.      Developing: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech


Types of teaching:

  1.      Practical

The methods of the teaching:

  1.      Work at grammar
  2.      Answer- question work
  3.      Work at the dialogue
  4.      Work at pronunciation

Visual aids: pictures, cards, whiteboard, video, audio,


Plan of the lesson:

  1.                   Organization moment

Good afternoon, children!

Good afternoon, teacher!

How are you?

  •         Ok, Who is on duty today?        - I’m on duty today
  •         Who is absent?                            - All are present. …… is absent.
  •         What season is it now?               - it’s spring now
  •         What is the weather like today?


  •         Well, now I divide you into two groups. For this purpose, you will to choose one

of these pictures. Who choose the picture of Disneyland that member of the 1st group, who choose the picture of Khan Shatyr that member of the 2nd group.


  1.      Checking up the  home task

What was your homework?

Our homework was exercise 3 on page 223.

Exercise 3. Use the Present Perfect to make questions.

a)     (You/ visit/ the Akorda/ in Astana?)  Have you visited the Akorda in Astana?

b)    (You/be/to Astana?) Have you been to Astana?

c)     (Colin/eat/the Kazakh meat?) Has Colin eaten the Kazakh meat?

d)    (Colin/write/to his mother?) Has Colin written to his mother?

e)     (You/ever/see/a whale/in the sea?) Have you ever seen a whale in the sea?


  •         Now, children I will ask some questions about Disneyland and Khan Shatyr in

the last lesson. Are you ready? Are they beautiful places?

1. How old is Disneyland?

    Disneyland is 55 years old

2. What kind of place a Disneyland?

   Disneyland is a place where people find both happiness and knowledge

3. Who created this park?

   Walt Disney created this park

4. Where is the Khan Shatyr?

    It is in Astana.

5. How many shops are there?

    There are 180 shops.

6. How many floors are there?

   There are 6 floor.


III. The presentation of the theme.

Well, today we are having an unusual lesson. We are going to speak about good places. There we can do a lot of interesting things. The theme of our new lesson is “A good place to spend your time”. Open your copybook and write down the date today. What date is it today? - Today is the 16th of April


  1. The introduction of the new words.

üBeautiful [‘bju:tiful] әдемі

üNoisy [‘noizi] шулы, шуылдаған

üPeaceful [‘pi:sful] тыныш

üHistoric [historik] тарихи

üBusy [‘bizi] бос емес

üCrowded [‘kraudid] лық толы

üAncient [‘ein∫әnt] көне, ескі

üCastle [‘ka:sl] қамал

üQuiet [‘kwaiәt]тыныш


V. Warm up

Exercise 1. Find the odd one out

a)     London Bath Oxford Rome Manchester

b)    Elephant Horse Tiger Lion Zebra

c)     Blue Yellow Red Purple light

d)    Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Garden Hall


  1.     Doing exercises.


    Exercise: 2A. Look at the pictures and read the words the exchange ideas


     A city                 A beach            Castle                  A green valley


B. Look at the pictures and match the adjectives













    Do you know the type of good places to spend free time? (seaside, lake, mountains, countryside, beach, town, ) You must ask about your favourite place each other. What is your favourite place? Why? Can you tell us why? What about you?


  1.         Listening

Now children you will listen to the dialogue and speak about it. We will listen to the dialogue two times.


Teacher: Alex, what’s your favourite place?

Alex: the seaside

Teacher: the seaside? Why?

Alex: I can walk on the beach at the seaside

Teacher: good. Kim how about you? What is your favoutite place?

Kim: The Mountains. I can go camping in the mountains with my family

Teacher: yes, you can. Sam where is your favourite place?

Sam: well I like going to lake.

Teacher: me too. Why do you like a lake?

Sam: Because, I can go fishing at the lake with my dad.

Teacher: Now, Lucy, what about you? Do you have a favourite place?

Lucy: Yes, I do. My favourite place is the town. I can go to bookshops and they are my favourite places in the town.

Teacher: very interesting. And Tony, how about you?

Tony: the forest. I can see a lot of animals in the forest and I love animals.

Teacher: the forest is very beautiful. And full animals. Now, Anna, what’s your favourite place?

Anna: I think it is the countryside

Teacher: the countryside? Can you tell us why?

Anna: well, it’s because I can have a picnic in the countryside

Teacher: And everyone loves a picnic.


üI think you are tired. Let’s have a rest. Let’s sing a song.


Match the column A with column B



         A                                                      B

I can go fishing

I can go to bookshops

I can walk on the beach

I can go camping

I can see lots of animals

I can have a picnic


at the seaside.

in the mountains.

in the town.

at the lake.

in the forest.

in the countryside.




üYou must make up sentences in the Present Perfect Tense of these words.


  1.      Have you ever been to Astana?
  2.      I have not finished my homework
  3.      Has Colin ever been to Scotland?
  4.      I have arrived in Almaty


  1.     Homework

Exercise 6. Look at this picture and describe it.

  1.            Evaluation

So our lesson is over. You are hard working. Please tell us with this magical pen what kind of emotion do you had at this lesson.

  1.                Conclusion









































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